Global Custody Service

Global Custody Service

The safeguarding of our clients' money and assets is of paramount importance throughout all of our operational activities.

At Cardale, we take great pride in running an extremely disciplined and efficient Operations Unit, consisting of highly skilled, professional employees, with vast experience and knowledge gained within our sector.

Operational activities, which are all undertaken in-house and not outsourced to third parties, consist of an extensive range of daily reconciliations and controls, to ensure that the records maintained within our systems accurately represent the assets we hold. All our clients' money is ring-fenced and held in Trust with high quality financial institutions, and all client custody assets are appropriately segregated to ensure that these are held separately to those assets belonging to our firm.

In addition to the basic, yet fundamental requirement is to have client assets protected at all times, Cardale's Global Custody Service encompasses a vast range of custodian activities which include:

  • A nominee facility that holds stock on behalf of clients, permitting amongst other things, the prompt settlement of executed trades and the efficient collection of dividends and interest on securities held.
  • The provision of a 'tax friendly' Year End Pack, containing schedules detailing:
    • cash movements.
    • bought and sold transactions, and
    • dividends and interest distributions received.
  • Proactive monitoring for, and processing of, corporate events relating to all respective client portfolios.

The Global Custody Service therefore provides the clients of Cardale with the comfort and assurance that their assets will always be managed in the most secure and compliant manner possible, a fact that has been recognised as such, by our firm's auditor.