Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships

We fully appreciate the complexities involved in managing client assets within the wider financial planning picture. Many clients delegate their affairs to professional intermediaries and we are happy to liaise with and accept instructions from you. Our specialist knowledge will complement the services that you already offer.

In working closely with independent financial planners, solicitors and accountants, we understand that each client's portfolio structure must be in keeping with their risk parameters and investment requirements. By acting as our investment partner, you will allow yourself greater time and flexibility to focus on your strategic business. For our part, we will:

  • Prepare reports.
  • Construct and manage the portfolio through diversification by asset class within the specific guidelines of the agreed benchmark.
  • Prepare a comprehensive fiscal reporting package including CGT schedule, income schedule and consolidated tax certificate.
  • Deal with the day to day strategic and administrative duties and be totally accountable for all the investment issues under our control.
  • Where required, share our fees to create revenue stream for introducers of business.
  • Manage portfolios that can include direct equities, Gilts, Unit Trusts, OEICS and Investment Trusts. ISA's can be transferred within a portfolio, as we are authorised ISA managers.
  • Assume full regulatory and compliance responsibility for your clients' assets over which we have control.

We have extensive experience of working with other advisers and are committed to providing support and guidance. We take pride in our efficiency and ability to establish and maintain long term relationships. To this end, we welcome the opportunity to attend meetings with advisers and their clients, whenever required.

Our overriding ethos is to provide a bespoke service to all our professional contacts whilst predominantly focusing on investment management and offering a number of complementary services.

In particular, our Probate service led by your usual Cardale contact, in conjunction with a team of administrators, provides you with an efficient and speedy turnaround in valuing securities for probate purposes. For all but the most complicated matters, we work to do this within 48 hours.

Valuations are prepared on HM Revenue and Customs IHT411 Forms and, in addition to the capital value as at date of death, include details of any dividends due to the Estate, together with appropriate rates and payment dates. Also, we are happy to undertake on your behalf:

  • Obtaining Letters of Indemnity to raise duplicate certificates.
  • Arranging the re-issue of outdated, un-cashed dividend cheques.
  • Notification of death to registrars, including changes to dividend mandates and address details.
  • Advice on the sale of investments to fund Inheritance Tax payments, other liabilities within the Estate and cash distributions to beneficiaries.
  • Preparation of off-market transfers to beneficiaries.
  • Registration of Grant of Probate prior to any stock sales.
  • Advice on the continuing investment of the portfolio, once probate has been granted.
  • Continuing investment advice to beneficiaries and/or Executors or Trustees including the post distribution management of the portfolio securities required.

Our priority is always to provide both adviser and client with a very personal and tailor-made investment management service, efficiently administered and delivered with individual attention on a continuing basis. As a result, your clients benefit from a seamless strategy and their portfolios become an integral part of their overall financial planning arrangements.

For further information contact Jimmy Crewe, or your usual Cardale contact.